Limited One-Year Warranty

All LifeCHARGE products grant the original purchaser a one-year limited warranty against all defects of material and craftsmanship. This warranty goes into effect beginning on the date of shipment and remains in effect for one full year thereafter as long as the LifeCHARGE product is normally and properly used. If the original purchaser discovers such a defect in the product during the warranty period, LifeCHARGE will, at the company’s sole discretion, either 1) repair or replace the product free of charge with a new or remanufactured version or 2) refund the original purchaser a sum equal to the current market value of the product. To take advantage of this warranty, the LifeCHARGE product must be returned within the warranty window along with the following documentation: 1) copies of both the original purchase receipt and the bill of sale containing the original LifeCHARGE serial number as proof of purchase; 2) a return authorization number issued by our returns department; 3) your name, address and phone number; and 4) a detailed description of the problem. The cost of returning the product to LifeCHARGE is the responsibility of the customer.

NOTE: This warranty becomes null and void if the LifeCHARGE product is misused and/or is returned to us damaged as a result of being abused, misused or misapplied. It also does not cover accidental damages, products that have been modified by the user or products on which the original LifeCHARGE serial code has been defaced or erased.

NOTE: This warranty does not extend to unauthorized third-party sales of discounted LifeCHARGE products and/or counterfeits. By purchasing such discount products from an authorized seller you waive all rights stipulated herein. To protect our customers against counterfeits, we encourage them to purchase their LifeCHARGE either directly through the LifeCHARGE website or from one of our authorized retailers.

Other than this limited one-year warranty as set forth in the preceding paragraphs, all LifeCHARGE products are sold on an as-is basis. We assume no responsibility for any other warranties of any sort, including those related to merchantability, non-infringement and suitability for a specific purpose. LifeCHARGE also disclaims responsibility with respect to: 1) product performance and results; 2) appropriateness of the product for the consumer’s particular purpose; 3) the product being error free (refer to succeeding paragraph); and 4) loss of data resulting from using the product. All such risks are expressly assumed by the consumer. The warranty set forth herewith overrides all others be they expressed or implied.

Additionally, LifeCHARGE makes no warranties that any of its products will be free of errors. Application of our warranty does not extend to any of the following situations: 1) consumable parts, other than damages resulting from defects in materials or workmanship; 2) superficial damage, including scratches, dents, nicks, broken ports and the like; 3) damage resulting from use with non-compliant LifeCHARGE products; 4) damage resulting from the product being abused, misused or misapplied; 5) damage resulting from acts of god such as flood, fire or earthquake; and 6) damage resulting from service performed by a non-LifeCHARGE representative.

Service Non-Working Purchase

A newly purchased LifeCHARGE product may, very rarely, come to the purchaser dead on arrival. Please be aware that we endeavor very hard to avoid such issues but understand that they unfortunately arise from time to time. To protect our customers against non-working LifeCHARGE products, we offer a 15-day window during which a DOA LifeCHARGE product may be returned to the place of original purchase with a valid receipt.

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